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At Technik Group, our objective is to provide hospitals with high-quality, cost-effective solutions for their sterile goods reprocessing systems. Drawing on our international relationships, we currently market three main product lines that meet our stringent requirements.

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Based in Coesfeld, Germany, Hupfer manufactures a complete range of stainless steel products used in Sterile Goods Logistics. Hupfer products are based on the StU concept (a standardized unit of volume 60 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm). All of Hupfer's products are configured as a multiple or fraction of an StU, thereby ensuring space efficiency and seamless logistical flow from washing through sorting, packing, sterilisation, storage and transport.

Technik Group offers the following products to our Canadian customers:

  • Open and closed case carts
  • High density mobile shelving
  • Height adjustable sinks and packing tables
  • Sterile goods baskets
  • Peel pouch racks

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    Interlock is a Germany-based manufacturer of a complete
    line of SPD supplies.

    Technik Group stocks high demand products in our Canadian warehouse to ensure prompt delivery:

  • Container accessories (container locks, seals, indicator cards and filters)
  • Baskets and basket accessories (labels, rings, and cable binders)
  • Brushes
  • Sterilization labels for instrument management programs
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    Based in The Netherlands, Famos manufactures innovative rotary heat sealers for peel pouches. Famos rotary heat sealers draw the peel pouch through the sealer to ensure precise control of the temperature, pressure and duration of the seal. This highly accurate process makes them safer and more reliable than the traditional impulse sealers currently used in Canada. Rotary sealers eliminate variables inherent in impulse sealers (temperature fluctuation and operator-controlled seal pressure and duration) that can compromise the sterility of peel pouch contents. As a result, rotary sealers have become the standard in European hospitals.

    Famos rotary sealers are suitable for both Tyvek and paper/laminate pouches, and have an optional printer that can print the date, contents and operator directly on the peel pouch.

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